How states in collusion with banks rob people

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Aug 8, 2018
The protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens declared by the constitution has long ceased to be the meaning and purpose of the state.

Modern states have degenerated into huge fraudulent cartels and pyramids that have the sole goal of preserving their power and robbing their own population.

To do this, they use propaganda and religion. They intimidate their population with terrorism, wars, external enemies, the opposition and heavenly punishment
In order to maintain power, it is vital for them to increase the number of tragedies, troubles, difficulties, misfortunes and dangers for an ordinary citizen. Therefore, so much horror and negativity pours on you from the TV.
You must be afraid! A man constrained by fear loses his will and mind.
The frightened population is ready to silently suffer and tolerate any idiocy of the authorities. And in the attacks of the Stockholm syndrome, they eagerly justify and protect their rulers, through whose fault they will live every day worse and worse.

But the most effective tool that the government successfully uses in collusion with banks is credit slavery. The existing fraudulent monetary system allows banks to distribute fake, unsecured money as loans. And to get back real, real values earned by sweat and blood.
Try to realize the abomination and meanness of this scheme.
Banks in collusion with the state give people fake money that they themselves printed and which are not provided with anything, while banks do not bear any risks and losses. Since this is fake money!

And a person who takes a mortgage or a loan will, for the next 15–20 years, give his real work, time and health for them. And he risks losing everything in case of illness or job loss!

By the way, the authorities like to blame anyone, not themselves, for raising prices. But it is the state and banks that are the only reason for the rise in prices and the depreciation of human labor, because they are throwing unsecured counterfeit money into the economy.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies will forever deprive states and banks of the opportunity to rob their citizens. Therefore, the authorities and bankers are so afraid of bitcoin and are trying to ban it.

You need to understand what fiat, paper money is, how they differ from real cryptocurrencies. Understand how blockchain and bitcoin function and start using it in your daily life. This is your last chance to free yourself from slavery and get real freedom!
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