The upcoming battle of the dollar against bitcoin.

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Aug 8, 2018
Even CryptoJesus cannot save the dollar. Rather, he could, but why would he need it? )
The dollar bubble, today the largest bubble in the history of mankind.
And the matter is not in the quantity and mass of printed dollars merged outside the United States. They allow you to restrain internal inflation within acceptable limits for social peace.

Thirty-five percent of American citizens living on benefits do not have to worry and get nervous. Their peace is paid at the expense of the whole world. And the world is ready to endure further. After all, the collapse of the dollar will become a worldwide economic tragedy. And the end of the world you know.

Most of the bubble is made up of “investments” in the stock market. Stable growth of trading and stock indices, contrary to logic and reality. The inflated value of stocks on which whole oceans of derivative financial instruments are wound. Which have no value and security, but while the Titanic swims, everyone pretends that it should be so. Although if you look closely, you can see that the most intelligent and cunning are already starting to slowly, sideways backing toward the only lifeboat. With a bright orange logo ₿ on board.

You will say that they have been burying the dollar for many years, and that it does not care. But in previous years it had no alternative. Not at all. The government taxed gold and squeezed the people.
And now, like a little devil from a snuffbox, 10 years ago Bitcoin appeared.

And over the 10 years he has become so insolent that he will very soon be declared a national threat to all “progressive” humanity. After all, bitcoin deprives the state of the privilege of uncontrolled printing, fake, unsecured money. Namely, with their help, the government has been robbing its citizens for many centuries. And this is a disaster that must not be allowed!

Therefore, the authorities of all countries of the world will squeeze every last drop from their citizens, for the sake of the salvation of His Majesty, the American Dollar. Therefore, prices, taxes and retirement age will rise.
This is the final battle. Which bankers and authorities expect to win at our expense.
If they win, you, your children and grandchildren will forever remain slaves.

Don’t like the prospects?
Then make an effort, find out what blockchain is, understand how bitcoin and cryptocurrencies work.
The more people start to apply new technologies in their lives, the higher the chance for humanity to be freed from centuries-old credit slavery.