The upcoming confrontation of the Corporation VS National States. Who will win?

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Aug 8, 2018

Many say that without a state, humanity will slide into the Stone Age, become mired in local conflicts, and then again crawl into caves or palm trees. That a nation state is the highest form of social organization. And there is no alternative to it and will not be.

I do not agree with this. If you look closely at the processes taking place, you can see how the contours of the future confrontation are becoming clearer. And it will pass through transnational corporations VS national states.

Transnational corporations became crowded. They do not need states. They do not need borders, taxes and antitrust laws from local kings. They are completely independent and rich. Instead of dissatisfied citizens, they have loyal and loyal consumers who do not need to pay pensions or benefits.

For example, more than 2 billion people use Facebook. This is superior to the population of any state. In the near future, this corporation is going to issue its own cryptocurrency, its own money. This will be a direct challenge to the states. And a signal for an open confrontation.

In the coming war, the most efficient system will win. And this is not a state, with its anti-evolutionary model of development. Where the most useless people find themselves in the places of managers.
The main goal of the state is the preservation and conservation of power.

The most active support to the existing system is provided by officials, civil servants, state employees and pensioners. That is, people who do not know how and do not want to show independence and initiative. Which live and feed at the expense of taxes and fees from the entire population of the country. Today it is more profitable to live on benefits or to be a state employee than to become an entrepreneur and take the initiative. States in their current form are no longer viable.

On the other hand, we have transnational corporations.
Their main goal is profit. And to achieve it, they created an effective, ruthless system of selection and competition. If in the management of a corporation they suddenly start to fall on a pull or for a bribe, then such an organization simply will not last long.

In this war, I bet on corporations. Although this is probably an even more “cannibalistic” system of social organization. But it is more progressive than the existing state system, with a bloated budget and inefficient management. The state does not earn money, but steals it from the pocket of citizens through taxes, spinning inflation and printing unsecured, counterfeit fiat money.
This process cannot go on forever. And that is the reason for the growing global economic crisis. It’s time for states to pay their debts, although I suspect, as always, that they are going to do this at our expense.