Why is the state against bitcoin?

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Aug 8, 2018
The state seeks to ban cryptocurrencies, since against their background, the whole fraudulent scheme of modern, unsecured and uncontrollably printed paper money is too clearly visible. Using this scheme, the state and banks have been able to rob and steal from their own citizens with impunity in recent centuries.

But this comes to an end. The idea of Bitcoin can no longer be stopped, and it will destroy all this false and rotten financial system and bring financial freedom to anyone who is ready to accept it.

Bitcoin came to our world to free a person from slavery.

Return to him the right to honest and fair remuneration. The ability to accumulate and preserve the wealth that he creates. Pass it on to his children and descendants without fear that the labor of his life will be worthless.

Your task is to find out and understand how Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies work. Start applying and using them in life. And then we will bring our victory closer!

The victory of reason over lies and secular obscurantism.